Hi everyone! My name is Ashley Yates. I am a senior Marketing Major here at Siena College. I currently have a few jobs on campus which are Marketing Coordinator for Commuter Student Association, Peer Mentor for Siena101, and Marketing Intern in the Student Activities office! As the Marketing Coordinator for CSA I create reminders, flyers and fun social media posts for our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to commuter students and all students as a whole. As a Peer Mentor I help make sure the incoming freshmen class feel comfortable with the college setting both in a social aspect and academic aspect since they have been out of face to face learning and communicating for a while. I help them know that they belong and that they will achieve great things here. Lastly as the Marketing Intern for the SALD office I oversee the social media accounts and update with important information for students, fun videos and stories to share with friends, what is happening on campus, how to get involved, etc. I really enjoy it and it is a lot like my Marketing Coordinator job which helps with my creativity. I have grown up playing many different sports all my life and I am now on my fourth season on the Siena Cheer Team. I have cheered since I was 6 years old and I enjoy it a lot. According to, there are at least 4 million cheerleaders in 31 countries. Some statistics point to 3.82 million cheerleaders in the United States alone (as of 2017), aged 6 and up. Despite having many injuries in the past, I have never given up on the sport. When I am not working or doing homework I like to go to the gym or go for hikes & walks! Being active helps me stay in a good mindset and helps me to do better in my work. 

I grew up right here in Loudonville so I am not too far from Siena! I have been a commuter since freshman year and have really enjoyed it. Loudonville is a hamlet between Colonie and Albany County. It is a middle to upper middle class area with quite a lot to do and places to go to including small shops & nail salons, local restaurants & eateries, and activities like paint & sip, and yoga! There are a lot of residential areas and businesses in this area so it is like a mini city in itself. 

My family includes my mother, my father, and my older brother. Cohen (2015) would classify this as my Legal Family which is defined as, “A group of individuals related by birth, marriage, or adoption” (pg. 7). My dad works full time and my mom works full time at home and because of this we do not fit the family structure of a breadwinner- homemaker family. This type of family is defined as having an employed father, a non-employed mother, and their children (Cohen, 17). My father works for the NYS Government in the Energy department (NYSERDA), their technology source. He also teaches Computer Science courses at the University at Albany. My mother works in interior design with a family friend. My brother is a recent Siena Grad and is planning to work in the Sports Marketing field. We both feel very fortunate and privileged for our parents. To have a Siena education and a good work ethic has helped us to work hard to achieve our goals. They have provided us with more than we could thank them for. 

I grew up in a household that stressed the importance of putting in the work in school to get what I want and to be successful in life. My father has his masters degree in Computer Science and my mother has her associates in insurance and her Real Estate license that she received from Siena. They both know what it means to work hard in school and have shown that to me through their advanced degrees. There was an expectation from my parents while growing up that my brother and I both would receive at least a bachelor’s degree, and so far that holds true. 

After completing my undergrad from Siena I am planning on going into the MBA program here for Marketing. It was a question I would ponder on if I really wanted to go through more schooling, but I feel as though this will really benefit me for future career goals. I have aspirations of working in fashion and social media marketing (influencer marketing). With my Marketing degree this could really help me put my foot in the door in such a competitive and on the rise industry. Working and living in NYC for a little while then traveling is my dream that I plan on working hard to make my reality! I hope to one day give back to my parents everything they have given me and taught me through the years and instill that work ethic and life into my future family. 


Cohen , Philip N. The Family: Diversity, Inequality, and Social Change. 1st ed., W.W. Norton & Company Inc. , 2015.

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