Winter must haves

I dread the winter months but I find it fun style wise. I like to experiment with different clothing pieces and really make the best of the cold! I’m going to share current must haves: clothing, jewelry, shoes, and accessories that will keep your wardrobe warm regardless of the temperature.

It’s no surprise 90’s and 2000’s styles are coming back around and honestly, I am here for it. Neutrals and basics are two words that I love when it comes to fashion and they are the themes of the trendy clothing you see on your TikTok or Instagram feed these days. Specifically, colors like sage green and brown are very popular now in clothing and can be styled in many ways. Textures/patterns like patchwork, leather, corduroy, houndstooth, and cable knits are also big now in clothing. Basic pieces like plain sweatshirts, shackets, sweater vests, blazers, puffer jackets, jeans, and sweats are key to have on hand in your closet for your next insta photoshoot! Places like Princess Polly, Free People, ASOS, I Am Gia, Aritzia, and Zara are great places to find these because they are always up to date on trends.

Gold jewelry is always a go to! Thick gold hoops, big or small, and gold chains are all the hype right now and you can find them pretty much anywhere, even Amazon. Places that I like to get these pieces are Jennifer Fisher Jewelry, and Mejuri. These are more on the pricey side because they’re authentic gold jewelry stores but they are so worth the investment.

Baguette bags, and small shoulder bags bring back all the 90’s-00’s vibes! These bags are super stylish and go with any outfit. A plus is the practicality of them too. Many companies have hopped on the small bag trend with different patterns and textures like snakeskin, fuzzy, cow print, and crochet. Great places to find these beauties are Princess Polly, JW PEI, Cotton On, Urban Outfitters, ASOS, and even Amazon! Prada also makes great upcycled nylon bags as well if you are looking for a more expensive and chic option.

If you’re looking for trendy, cute and stylish sunglasses, the retro rectangular sunnies are it! Black and Tortoise are great colors that go with everything and you can find them at inexpensive places like Amazon. Sunglasses are one accessory that I like to find cheap because I tend to forget where I put them, or they break so I don’t feel as bad buying another pair.

Shoes shoes SHOES! The shoe that has been all the talk are the Retro Air Jordan’s. After all of my research I finally found a pair in my size and I have a feeling I will be wearing them everyday, I love these sneakers so much. I am a big street style girl so a pair of baggy jeans, a sweatshirt, and the air jordans is a great outfit. The two most popular colors that I am obsessed with are forest green and dark blue. Pairing a solid black or white top and a pair of black, blue, or brown jeans completes the look.

More sneakers that are making their comeback are high top converse. Specifically green and black, You can’t go wrong with a classic shoe like chucks. A pair of baggy sweats or jeans or a pleated skirt/tennis skirt, and gold hoops go great with these classics. I see Emma Chamberlain wearing these pieces all the time and she pulls it off SO well.

A pair of sneakers that I am utterly OBSESSED with are the Nike blazer mid 77’s. These sneakers can be worn with pretty much anything and look amazing, the high top look with the off white color and pop of black on the Nike logo makes these shoes look so clean and classic. These are a shoe that will stay in style forever IMO because of the basic color scheme and brand.

Along with sneakers, Dr. Martens boots make a great shoe staple in your closet and are very reliable when it comes to harsh weather. I love the Chelsea boot and the platform boot. They are another hefty investment but so worth it because they will never go out of style and are very versatile! Add some black sheer tights or cute white lacy socks and your look is complete for dressy or casual.

Below are some inspo pics that I love and use that I found on my Pinterest when I need some help choosing an outfit!

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